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IT&E Selects Accuris Networks to Deliver Passpoint Wi-Fi

New platform offers seamless, secure access to IT&E’s carrier-grade Wi-Fi

DUBLIN, January 28, 2019 (Newswire.com) – Offering the widest mobile 4G LTE data network in Guam and the Marianas, IT&E selected Accuris Networks to enable Passpoint-capable Wi-Fi services. The service provides carrier-grade Wi-Fi in valuable hospitality locations where subscribers can best take advantage of exceptional broadband services through a seamless user experience. Seamless data offload as well as Wi-Fi calling and roaming using secure authentication such as EAP-SIM/AKA provides the most robust solution on the market for integrated cellular and carrier-grade Wi-Fi coverage.

The Accuris Networks eServer and their enhanced Network Access Controller (eNAC) platform is a multi-tenant solution providing secure authentication and captive portal functionality for integrated Wi-Fi services. The solution will support secure Wi-Fi access at strategic locations including hotels, shopping malls, airports and stadiums.

The captive portal provides a landing page for new subscribers and manages Passpoint and WISPr capabilities for automated access/authentication. The captive portal is the front door of the Wi-Fi offer, enabling new subscriber sign-ups, settlement/payment services and affinity/advertising functions. Built on Accuris server carrier-class platform, Accuris’ eNAC supports key carrier Wi-Fi service capabilities to allow wireless and broadband service providers to deliver a managed Wi-Fi experience to new and existing subscribers from multiple enterprises.

“Accuris and IT&E deployed the first carrier-grade Wi-Fi portal platform in the Marianas in 2018, allowing seamless Wi-Fi user experience,” stated Mark Badal, CIO for IT&E. “IT&E’s vision to offer and make carrier-grade Wi-Fi services available to the hospitality industry in their region was made possible by Accuris Networks, a leading inter-standard, Wi-Fi and IoT technology provider.”

“IT&E is an innovative service provider that believes in the benefits of providing the best user experience possible for their hospitality customers. Their investment in Passpoint Wi-Fi is testament to the role Wi-Fi will play in delivering current 4G and future 5G mobile services,” said Larry Quinn, chairperson and chief executive officer at Accuris. “The quick implementation of the carrier-grade platform highlights IT&E’s operational skill set and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them.”

About IT&E: https://store.ite.net/about-ite/

About Accuris Networks

Accuris Networks empowers service providers to monetise connectivity and enable subscribers to move seamlessly and securely between LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, private networks, IoT and fixed networks while ensuring a superior quality of experience. The components of today’s mobile experience – cellular/Wi-Fi/IoT – are disparate in nature. Accuris is one of the only platforms available in the industry to seamlessly integrate these into a single fabric. Accuris Networks is a trusted supplier to blue-chip operators around the world including AT&T, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Bell Canada, China Mobile Intl, EDCH, Telekom Malaysia, Vivo/Telefonica and more. Visit us at www.accuris-networks.com or tweet @AccurisNetworks.

Source: Accuris Networks & https://wballiance.com/ite-selects-accuris-networks-to-deliver-passpoint-wi-fi/